Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a funeral service if I choose to be cremated?
A common misconception surrounding the choice of cremation is that there can no longer be a funeral service. In fact, there are various options available for funeral services with a cremation. Many people choose to have visitation and funeral service with a casket present. The cremation then takes place after the funeral - similar to burial. While others choose to have cremation take place first followed by a memorial gathering.

How much does a funeral cost?
Funerals fall under a variety of price ranges. A funeral can be tailored to fit any budget.

Is embalming necessary?
Embalming is not required but may be necessary under some circumstances. Most funeral homes will only allow a casket to be open for visitation providing embalming has taken place.

What is embalming?
Embalming is a temporary means of preservation, disinfection and restoration.

Do I have to have an open casket?
An open casket is not required. Visitations can still take place with a closed casket. However, there are benefits to the grief process for your loved ones having an opportunity to have a viewing. Families may elect to view the deceased, but close the casket for visitation to the public.

Do I need to have a casket for cremation?
Crematoriums require the body be enclosed in a rigid container of combustible materials. There are several options available. Containers are often used for immediate cremation and caskets for more traditional funerals. Rental caskets are an industry response to the increase in cremation. They allow for a traditional casket present for visitation and funeral service. A cremation container which is inside the outer casket is removed and transported to the crematorium. This inner container is not visible when casket is open for viewing.

Do I need to purchase a vault for burial?
Although some cemeteries require a vault for burial, they are not always required. Each cemetery has their own by-laws and some mandate vaults be used. Burial vaults provide protection for the casket. They also provide stability, preventing the ground from becoming unsettled.

What makes a family owned funeral home different from a corporate owned funeral home?
We believe families receive the utmost personal attention from family owned funeral homes. The funeral home owners work daily in the community they serve. In addition, they have a personal and financial investment in the business' success. Corporate funeral homes employ local individuals to work within the funeral home however the corporate head office and Board of Directors are usually in another city or in some cases another country.

What are the benefits of pre-arranging my funeral?
A prearranged funeral enables you to record your wishes with the funeral home of your choice. You can select the type of service and related merchandise you would like. Many people will also prepay their funeral wishes. This enables you to lock in today's funeral price. Prepaid funds are held in interest bearing accounts, however they are tax sheltered. Any accrued interest can be used to off-set future costs. Should the return on the investment be insufficient, the funeral home absorbs the loss. Should there be excess funds, the credit will be applied to the cash disbursements not prepaid (newspaper notices, clergy honorarium etc.). But most importantly, you get piece of mind knowing that your family and loved ones do not have to worry about making difficult decisions at a very difficult time in their lives.

What other options are there other than traditional funerals?
Although the traditional funeral of having visitation the day before and a funeral service the next day followed by a procession to the cemetery for burial are still very much popular; there are many other options to honour someone's life. Memorial services are increasingly becoming popular but there are also other options such as receptions and memorial gatherings or visitations.